Beliefs of McEwen High School

The faculty and administration of McEwen high School believe:

1. Every student has the right to receive the best education possible by having access to a sequential curriculum that stupor’s and that is consistent with local, state, and national goals.

2. Education is the shared responsibility of the family, school, student, and community.

3. High expectations lead to high achievement of all stakeholders.

4. Attendance is vital to the success of both the staff and the students of McEwen High School.

5. Students must be educated in all areas of learning which include, not only academics, but also good character development.

6. Priority must be placed on the development of sensitive, autonomous students who know how to learn, how to relate effectively with others, and how to accept responsibility for personal decision-making and behavior through total school involvement.

7. Students must be provided opportunities to develop the necessary critical thinking skills to be productive members today’s changing society.

8. Students must be assessed according to local, state, and federal guidelines to determine strengths and weaknesses. Emphasis on differentiated instruction ensures that students reach their greatest potential.

9. Decision-making and policy formation must be a collaborative process of all stakeholders when appropriate with the ultimate responsibility resting with the adminstration.