Boys Soccer

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March 7East Hickman(Scrimmage)Home5 PM
March 14East Robertson*Home6:30 PM
March 16Lead Academy**
(Varsity and JV)
Home4:30 PM
March 21Nashville Christian **Away4:30 PM
March 27Hume Fogg**Away4 PM
March 28WaverlyHome5 PM
March 30East Nashville **Away4:30 PM
April 4Lead Academy**
(JV and Varsity)
Away4:30 PM
April 7Lipscomb Academy**Home7 PM
April 18Wayne AcademyHome5:30 PM
April 20Maplewood**Home6:30 PM
April 24East HickmanAway6:30 PM
April 25Stem*Away4:30 PM
April 27Republic*Home5 PM
May 4Pearl Cohn*Away4:30 PM
District Tournament
May 6,8,9, and 11
*District Game
**Divisional Game